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Why Build a Custom Cage or Habitat?

Our History

We've been building custom cages and habitats for almost 30 years to meet the needs of our clients with chinchillas, ferrets, chickens, birds, rabbits, and exotic pets.  We even build butterfly habitats!  And we're not just builder, we use our own cages for our own herd of chinchillas.

We cater to the serious pet enthusiast who loves his or her pets and wants a show piece and something special for themselves and their pet.


Tell us the species of your pet and the design requirements and we will build a custom cage to fit your needs.  Estimates are free and approximate to the penny.  No surprises.  No obligations.


We began to build our cages all those years ago because we, as chinchilla breeders, were not happy with what was available through pets shops and commercial breeder supply shops for our own pets. 

The Issue was:

*  We wanted pet cages that weren't cheap plastic and wire that soon fell apart

Cages are expensive and, for that kind of money, I sure wasn't getting much.  Replacement parts were ridiculously costly and often were no longer manufactured after just a year or two in order to make you go out and buy the newest model.  Too, paint and plastic is a health hazard for small animals and can make them ill or worse.  Store bought cages were also "one size fits all" and made for 5 or 6 different kinds of animals, not my pet specifically.  What works for a rabbit, doesn't work very well for a ferret or a chinchilla and so forth.


Commercial cages, though constructed better, were very spartan, cramped, and grim.  We wanted a fun environment for our chins, not a prison camp with metal wire floors (that can cause foot ulcers) and a 12' x 12" cube for them to live in.  Chin urine quickly pitted and oxidized the cages, eating right through it.​  They were also very difficult to clean.


*  We wanted a cage that was easy to clean and stay clean

Though no cage can keep it all it, store bought or commercial cages were made of wire and let the bedding and doodles fly out every where.  We we constantly vacuuming and cleaning everyday.  Those spinning legs and bottle brush tail were designed to scatter and reek havoc.  It was also difficult to get my arm in to clean and reach those difficult spots, all the while, my chins were trying to make a break for it.  The same was true for herding up fleeing chins; near impossible as they quickly found the one spot I could not reach.

*  We wanted a fun environment for our pets to live and play in

Commercial and store bought cages left much to be desired when it came to giving our pets a fun, stimulating, and interesting environment to live in.  They needed to be able to run, climb, perch, hide, and do the things they do in their native environment on a smaller scale.  We wanted them to have a super home to live in.

*  We wanted a cage that looked good in our home and was attractive

We loved out pets and were serious pet enthusiasts.  We loved to show our pets of to friends, family, and visitors.  We wanted cages that looked great and were attractive inside our home.  Some how the purple plastic molded cage held together with zip ties, didn't float our boat.


Why Our Cages Are Better

Here 30 years later, we have progressively improved and added to our cage designs with many neat innovations and additions through out the years, always keeping an eye on what is new in the cage market and what other pet owners and manufacturers are doing.  Change is a good thing and we are always ready to use new technologies, manufacturing methods, and ideas.


1.)  Our cages are a fun and stimulating environment for your pet with ramps, nooks, and perches to run, hide, and explore.  Your cage can be filled with spin wheels, hammocks, jungle bridges, cooling perches, nest boxes, chew toys, and much more. 


​​2.)  Our cages are designed to minimize bedding and doodles flying out.  To make less work for you.


​3.)  Our cages have large doors that open wide for easy access to clean, herd, catch, and maintain your cage and pets.


​4.) Our perches and ramps can be replace after years of use with fresh wood for about $1 per piece from your local hardware store, while store bought cage parts can cost $20 to $35 for a plastic partition (if it's still available).


5.)  Our cages have anti-bacterial surface panels that are easy to clean and wipe down and inert to the acidity of urine.


​6.)  Our cages use "chin-chiller cooling perches" that are made of glazed tile, removable, washable, and virtually indestructible to nibbling.


​7.)  Our cages are remarkably lightweight but strong.  They have folding handles and caster wheels for easy moving.


​8.)  Our cages are custom made to your size requirements, so they fit just perfectly in that special spot in your home, apartment, or office.  There are many styles and features to chose from.


​9.)  Our cages have a beautiful appearance and look good in your home.  They are a show piece and can be painted a color of your choiceThey have a definite "wow factor".

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