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How Do I Go About Buying and Ordering a Cage?


What kind of cage can I have?

All of our cages are custom built to your required size and shape so they fit just right into the space you want them to go in your home or apartment.  Just let us know what your needs are.  We encourage you to get out the old tape measure and let us know what size you have to work with.

You can add cooling perches, saucer wheels, nest box, hammocks, hay feeders, jungle bridges, various scroll work, a variety of metal mesh, door styles, curved roof, flat roof, mesh roof, solid panel roof, and so forth. 

For reptile owners we can use FRP board or Poly Panel as a moisture barrier, and Plexi-glass.

Cages can also be built as one piece or designed to break down into basic parts to facilitate a larger cage being brought through a door to your home and assembled as in the case of reptiles, snakes, or birds.

We build cages for both inside and outside use.

You can pick from numerous styles of mesh and a number of different metals and mesh patterns.


We are more then happy to copy and look at cages you have found on the internet, in a magazine article,

or book.  Feel free to show us it.  We are happy to try to merge cage ideas.

Can I stain or paint my cage?

Yes, you can paint the outside of your cage in any latex color you wish and in any finish you prefer (semi-gloss, satin, flat, eggshell).  Go pick any color swatch from Home Depot or Lowe's and give us the information and we will match it on our side from the same stores.  Easy as That!

No, we do not stain cages because the cage wood is a white pine and hardwood paneling that doesn't stain well or match well (a soft wood and a hardwood).  We can however seal your cage in a clear coat if you wish.



How long does it take to build my cage and get it to me?


Most cages take 5 to 7 days to build and crate for delivery.  Most trucking companies can get your crate to you in 2 to 6 business days.


How does the process work?

Via email or phone you let us know what kind of cage you would like and what size.  We are happy to expand, shrink, or modify any cage size to fit your needs.  We advise clients to carefully measure the space you have to work with in your home to make sure your cage will fit in the area your wish to put it.  Get out the old tape measure and check to see. 


Our cages are built to fit through the standard 36" front door found on most homes and those with a minimum of 8ft ceilings.  Some older homes built 50+ years ago may have smaller doors and lower ceilings then more modern homes.  Please let us know and take this into account when choosing a cage size.


Also let us know what accessories you would like to put inside your cage.  There are many great options to choose from.  See our accessories web page for great ideas.

When you finally decided on a cage style and size and your accessories, then we submit a bid giving you the cost to the penny.  It's free and their is no obligation.  Bids are good for 60 days.   Shipping bids are good for 7 days.


Full payment is required before we can start your cage.


How much does a cage cost?

Cages can cost between $300 to $3,000+ depending on size, features, and shipping.  Some folks are on a very limited budget and others spare no expense.


How can I pay for my cage?

You can use personal check, money order, or debit or credit card via PayPal.  We also take Cash App.  Sorry no bank checks, cashiers checks, or foreign money orders.


How much is shipping?

Shipping in the greater Houston area is FREE.

Shipping in the USA usually runs between $145 to $345 to your front door.

Shipping to Canada usually runs about 20% more then US orders; the same is true of Hawaii and Alaska.

Canadian residents need to factor in VAT tax and customs.


Sorry, shipping and crating are a non-refundable cost.


Call us!  We can get you an instant quote.  It just takes a few seconds.  We use a freight broker who goes out and gets you the cheapest deal out of hundreds of trucking companies.


Got a truck, suburban, station wagon or mini-van?  Pick up your cage yourself at a near by shipping terminal in your city or town and save 35%!

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