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Small Home Repairs & Honey Do's


Phone - 281-578-6042


Give us a call. We're half the cost of most home services companies.

Free advice and, if you we can't help you, we probably know someone

who can.




  • Install ceiling fans, replace worn outlets, light switches, & fixtures

  • Light interior and exterior painting, caulking, and priming

  • Weatherize door trim and windows

  • Hang photos, artwork, & mirrors

  • Install medicine cabinets

  • Install blinds & curtain rods

  • Replace toilet valves, wax rings, toilet seats

  • Install shower, curtain, toilet paper dispensers, and towel bars

  • Fix broken draws and cabinet doors

  • Replace light bulbs

  • Install door knobs, door locks, & make keys

  • Install fire, smoke, and CO2 detectors & replace batteries

  • Replace kitchen & bathroom faucets & water connecting hoses

  • Patch cracked drywall or repair small drywall small holes

  • Clean garages and install garage shelving

  • Hang bike hooks and hoists

  • Remove old carpet & padding

  • Demo drywall or cabinetry

  • Assemble IKEA or Prefab Furniture, Bookshelves, Desk Sets

  • Pick up and delivery of appliances, furniture pieces, or bulky items

  • Haul away furniture, junk, old appliances,

  • Install dryers, washing machines, dishwashers & replace all hooks ups




  • Power-wash driveways, walkways, sidewalks, store fronts, patios, houses

  • Clean gutters, repair gutters, drain spouts, remove leaves from roofs

  • Trim tree limbs, shrubs, cut down and remove shrubs and small trees

  • Repair fences and gates

  • Demo fences and old sheds, metal buildings, and play equipment

  • Haul off junk, fence material, and old appliances to the dump

  • Build garden boxes and lay stepping stones

  • Remove mud dobbler and wasp nests

  • Assemble BBQ pits, patio furniture, play equipment & power wash

  • Delivery or pick up BBQ pits, patio furniture, play equipment, etc

  • Mesh over squirrel & bird openings & pest proof your home

  • Repair or replace decorative louvers

  • Weatherize water spigots, faucets, and pipes outside

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