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Chinchilla cages, pet sitting
If you have specialty pets like tropical birds, reptiles, small mammals, and fancy breed dogs & cats, you
know it can be very difficult to find a pet sitter to care
for them when you go on vacation, away on business,
or overseas to visit family.​  They're also your babies
and you worry about them. 
You need to leave your pets in the care of someone familiar with and experienced in their distinct diet, environmental needs, and behaviors.  You want them
in a safe, quiet, and peaceful environment with 24/7


For almost 25 years, All Critters Great and Small has specialized in boarding, care, and pet sitting of rare
and exotic pets.​​
​We handle Ferrets, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Rats & Mice, Hamsters, Sugar Gliders, Prairie Dogs, fancy breed Cats & Dogs, All Species of Lizards, Wet & Dry Turtles, Non-Venomous Snakes, Fish, Tarantulas, Mantis, Stick Bugs, Centipedes, and all Insect Species and Amphibians.
How are we different?
* We provide 24 hour care in one of our several Houston locations.  You don't have to worry about power outages, strangers in your home while your
away, or your pet being alone most of the day in a
loud vet kennel.  Your pet receives constant attention, care, and interaction from us in a loving environment.
* We are much more economical then most pet sitters because we don't need to visit your home on a daily basis.  We charge less, not more, for specialty pets and multiple pets.  We discount for more then one animal.  We also offer discounts for longer stays.  We provide care from just a weekend to several months.
* We are exotic animal owners and breeders ourselves and understand your concerns about diet,
temperature, heating, and cooling, stress levels, noise levels, and more.  We have are own generator for constant electrical supply.  We have a quiet peaceful home environment. 
We welcome you to call us and come meet us in
person in advance of your trip or vacation. 


​Contact us today!
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