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Retro 1950's

RV Travel Trailer Dog Houses


Come in Red or Teal Green

For small to mid-size dogs

(Yes, we can build larger models)

*  Easy to move with handle and wheels

*  Solid wood construction

*  Durable latex paints

*  Durable carpeted inside

* Tough Resin Coated Rain-Proof Roof

 Custom Dog Houses & Kennels

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Cage seperates into two pieces.

This was a custom dog kennel / rabbit cage for a client in Texas.  They wanted somewhere to put there basset hounds and bunnies in one place.  However, they wanted to be able to split the cage apart when needed and large doors for easy cleaning and servicing.

Cages have a tough solid resin liner that can hold up to dog claws and wear.  Makes an excellent urine barrier too.

Contact us for pricing.  Custom size available to your specifications.


Combination Cages -

Dual Use * Custom designs

A former child actor of Star Trek Next Generation has one, so why shouldn't you!


Amaze your cat and your friends with this awesome Dr. Who Kat Condo modeled after the TARDIS time machine police call box. Have an awesome cat condo and something no one else has. A must for Dr. Who fans and cat owners alike. Some folks even get a cat to justify having this in their home! It's just that cool.


Measures 26" x 26" by about 50" tall. Four levels and a perch on top for you cat to rest on a cat bed you provide. Multiple entryways for your cat to make his way around as a fur Lord. All wood solid construction with durable indoor/outdoor rug perches for a cats heavy use.


We deliver FREE to the Greater Houston area.


Comes ready to go - no assembly required.


Yes, we ship anywhere in the USA & Canada. Call for an instant quote.


THe Dr. Who Cat Condo!

We ship anyhere in the






Contact us for instant shipping quotes!

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