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Do you need a new cage for you pet?

Whether your old cage has seen its day or you are just not happy with the store bought cage, we can help you create and build something that is perfect for you and your pet.  Whether you need a fun and exciting environment for your critter, something easier to clean and maintain, or something that will fit just right in your home or apartment, we are here to help.  Quotes are free.  We can also give you instant shipping prices to your front door or a near by shipping terminal in your town or city to save you $$$.  Do you have equipment, toys, and cage items you'd like to recycle or use in your new cage?  Send it to us and we will install it in your new cage FREE!


Have a look at out our various cage designs on the drop down pages on our website.  They are here to give you ideas.  Feel free to modify, change, or merge various elements together from one or more cages.  We welcome your creative input.  We are happy to build a cage based on internet photos, something from a book or magazine, or the combination of ideas.  Be creative; express yourself!

Call us at 281-578-6042 or email us at today with your questions or ideas!   There is no obligation!

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