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Dear Friends,
​We are Sarah & Scott McGiffid and we have lived here in Katy, Texas for 30+ years.  We love animals and nature and most of our vacations, hobbies, and activities have always revolved around animals, Texas wildlife, wildlife preserves, and specialty rescues, right here in Texas.


Over the years as our reputation as chinchilla breeders, custom cage makers, and rescue activities grew, we were asked to care for quite an assortment of critters for family, friends, neighbors, and various folks from all over the greater Houston area. 
Just as we had a hard time finding the cages we needed for our pets, we also realized how difficult & expensive it was to find pet sitters for specialty pets and exotics.    It was really a very under-served area and it soon turned into a full time endeavor.
After many years it has grown into a happy family business with a large number of clients we enjoy seeing year after year as they travel all over the world on vacations, to see family, or travel on business. 
We also enjoy our special guest pets who are each, near and dear to us, and we look forward to seeing them again and again.
Give us a call at 281-578-6042 or contact us at


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