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Sell it on Ebay, Craiglist, & Ebay Classified!


Phone 281-578-6042


Got items piling up in the garage and house? Need money for stuff you don't want anymore? Need to get rid of an appliance or household items that still work and have value? Got an antique item or collectable and need extra cash? Got clutter? Want your garage back?


We have years of experience with selling & buying through Ebay, our own online stores, storage auctions, and general merchandise auctions in Texas.


We own (2) Ebay stores, each with 100% rating, (1) store on ETSY, and have an Ebay Silver Power Sellers status with over 10,000 items sold!


We sell and advertise regularly through Craiglist, Ebay Classified, and local online sales forums.


How it works:


  • We handle the advertising and presentation

  • We handle dealing with all prospective buyers

  • We handle all insurance, shipping, and mailing

  • You just collect a check or cash.


Ebay commission rate is 25% after fees & shipping


Craigslist and local sales are 25% to 50% depending

on items.


High ticket items can have a comission rate of 10%

to 15%.


No obligation, no fee consultation.



Your welcome to call and we'll discuss if your items

have value. You would be surprised. We recently

sold a used patio door for $75. A new one costs

$250!!! Give us a ring!


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